Monday, June 30, 2008

Bloomin' Tuesday!

Welcome to Bloomin' Tuesday! Today I'm going yellow and white. I keep saying I need more white in my garden but when I looked at my pictures I realized I had more than I thought.
(click on the pictures to enlarge)
These are from the evening primrose family. I forgot I bought them last year . I have light pink ones too that I've had for several years. They spread well but do not stay well in clumps. Peony
One of my favorites, daisies. Dahlia. I plant the short compact ones.
Dahlia. I use them as annuals.
Husker Red Digitalis. The "red" is at the base of the flower. Sun drops.
These are also in the evening primrose family.
Feverfew Another favorite. Indian Summer of the Black Eyed Susan (Rudbeckia ) family.
If you would like to join us this week and post what's bloomin' where you are planted, just put your name and blog address on My Linky. All I ask is that you also put a link on your blog back to this list so your readers can also enjoy our country wide garden tour.
To take the tour just click on the names on the list and enjoy!


Suzy said...

I'm really enjoying "Bloomin' Tuesday"!! Your peonies are beautiful and I like the white Dahlia too.

B said...

I love your peonies. I don't know if they dont grow in my area (So. Cal) or not, but I haven't found them in any of the nurseries. I just don't do well growning plant from seed, so I have a "cheater" garden. This year I actually don't have any garden. So I'll need you to be comin' on over to B'z Place and make a pretty garden like yours. :) Have a great one!

Unknown said...

I love your pictures. You are showing 2 of my favorites...daisies and black eyed Susan!

Suzanne said...

I have to admit that I'm partial to my namesake! (Black Eyed Susan's) ;o) I love all your pictures this week -- there's something about white and yellow that is so cheery and happy! Love the dahlias! That's something I love about Bloomin' Tuesday -- I get to enjoy blooms that I don't have in my own garden! Thanks, Jean, for making it possible for us all to enjoy these wonderful gardens.

The Apron Queen said...

Your garden is gorgeous. Wish I had time to do more. I stick to the easy stuff.

Aiyana said...

Beautiful blooms. I don't have enough white flowers in my garden! Yours makes me want to plan to plant more for next spring.

Unknown said...

I love the Peony-so soft and fluffy!
The Dahlia is beautiful too- I just haven't had much luck with the two I have in pots-your garden is just gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Your blooms are gorgeous Jean. I love the feverfew and the sundrops. Everything looks happy and healthy. Thanks for inviting me to join in.

Sugarplum Cottage said...

The peony is gorgeous, and daisy are a favorite of mine too. I love the simplicity of them. I strolled down to your herb post and yours are great. beautiful purple blooms. As always thanks for sponsoring BT, Hugs, RoseMarie

Donna said...

I found you by way of Rosie at rosieswhimsy.
You have beautiful flowers! My favorite is the daisy. I also love the rustic things you have in your garden.
I'm glad I came to visit!

beckie said...

Jean, what lovelly whites and yelows you have. You are right about whites in the garden, they make the rest of the colors pop!

Dawn said...

Thank you for the white blooms you have shared with me for my garden!!!!

My post is up with just three blooms from the Alaska Botanical Garden.

I shot a bunch more, but I know I could really bore people with too much Alaska!

Cole said...

I love all the flowers! This might be my favorite day of the week!

Anonymous said...

Jean ~ I enjoyed seeing your pictures, especially the feverfew. I have that plant and never knew what it was. And I have evening primrose, too, but only in yellow. I didn't know they bloomed in white! Thanks for the info.

vintage girl at heart said...

OOOO love the yellow and white. Your flowers are always so pretty!!!

Ann said...

Happy Bloomin' Tuesday! Your daisies are pretty too! Black eyed susans are the state flower of my state Maryland!

Susan said...

Your flowers are lovely, as always.
I'm a bit late with my post as Blogdrive wouldn't publish it. Still, better late than never.