Sunday, May 04, 2008

Weedin' thyme!

It's a dark, cool, misty morning here. A perfect day to do some planting and weeding. If everything in the garden smelled as good as thyme I'd probably do a lot more weeding! About the only thing I had to pull out was the maple trees that sprouted.
I planted my flat of tulips, too. On a day like this you don't even have to water after planting.
I put the yellow and orange ones in this bed in the back yard. I also planted the box of daffodil bulbs in back. One side of the yard has a long day lily bed so I planted the daffodils in front.The red ones went in the red, white and blue garden...
and the pink and purple ones here with some daffodils and other tulips.I decided to edge this bed before I mow the lawn for the first time tomorrow. I've never edged in the spring before but it was really quick and easy with the ground so wet.
I also edged this strip of sidewalk. I have a lot more edging to do but that's enough for today. Now that I came in wet, cold and muddy the sun came out! All these light green leaves are maple trees sprouting in my yard. All my front flower beds looked like this. I've never seen so many. Too bad I can't start a tree farm and make some money! The lawn mower will take care of these tomorrow.
Don't forget to take some pictures for Bloomin' Tuesday! Click on the button on the side bar for details. Have a great Sunday!


No Rain said...

You've been busy! You will have a beautiful garden this summer.

jennifer said...

Hey Jean! I love the bed that you use in your flower bed. VERY cute!!

Looks like you are enjoying the weather.

Be blessed.


Laura said...

I have an area in my back yard that wants to be a tree farm. If I dont get to them right away, I have a real fight on my hands! :) Im glad yours come up so easy! Happy GTS!

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

Hello Ms GreenJean, heehee
I love that you posted your trees sprouting everywhere. I have silver maples that do the same thing only their roots are raised and get large above the soil surface... way out in the yard! Havoc on the lawn mower... yet I LOVE how the silvery maples glisten in the breeze... guess everything in life is a toss-up.. pros n cons... Oh well...
Have a great day, mowing; don't forget a sun hat!

Rosie's Whimsy said...

Looking good Jean! I will have to get on your will be a matter of locking it into my memory......and my pre-menopausal mind always has trouble with memory! :-)