Thursday, May 29, 2008

Pennies from Heaven?

P-J photo by Robert Rizzuto

Shortly after 7:30 a.m. Sunday, Lakewood-Busti Police Officer Ellen Barnes responded to a call in the Town of Busti where a man allegedly made an alimony payment in pennies, dumping the money in his ex-wife’s driveway. Michael A. Nelson, 52, of 984 Frew Run Road, was charged with harassment in the second degree, arraigned by the Town of Ellicott judge, and released on $240 bail, according to the arresting officer. He will appear in Lakewood-Busti court later this week.
This is how this appeared in our local paper. I have heard that the payment was a couple thousand dollars! Talk about revenge!


The Smiths said...

I read that on Robert's blog...that is too funny! Some one here thought so too because they hung it in the shop for all to see :)

Anonymous said...

Your Uncle from "the burg" knows him, one of the sons of one of the construction family! He thinks the guy is a bit of a jerk!

Diana LaMarre said...

LOL, that's too funny! I wonder who had to pick up all the pennies!!