Sunday, April 06, 2008

Sunday Show and Tell/millinery

I have a beauty shop in my home and the bathroom is decorated with hats. I did a post on the bathroom here so today I'm going to show closeup shots of the different hats.These first 3 pictures are the wallpaper border I found. It was perfect for my plan.

These turquoise are my favorites.

This is a net hat with bows. I have it hung over the light fixture.

If you would like to be a part of Sunday Show and Tell go to the Little Pink Studio and read all about it. Thanks for stopping by!


Betty said...

Wow! Your shop must be so much fun! Those hats are beautiful!

cherished*vintage said...

Beautiful hats! I especailly love the plumes and so wish to have some old ones one day... Thanks for sharing!

Babsarella said...

What a lovely collection!! I love the turquoise too!

Alisa Noble said...

What beautiful hats! I have a few of my grandmother's that I just charish.

The Apron Queen said...

What a beautiful collection! I love the variety of colors. Like the wallpaper too.

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bluemuf said...

Beautiful hat, Great collection.


leesiebella said...

Hi Jean!

Your collection looks beautiful!! I like how you used on on the light, what a great idea!!

Thanks so much for sharing with us!


Little Pink Studio said...

Wonderful collections! Thank you for playing along!
~Cerri xo

Mrs.Kwitty said...

What an interesting bathroom theme! I'll bet you get loads of compliments about it. I love the turquoise ones too--the feather one especially--just gorgeous!
Smiles, Karen said...

Pretty hats, especially the rose one (like you commented, I am more fond of the flowers than the actual hats!) And that fuscia one is a great color, wow, wouldn't you love to wear that one out?

Carole Burant said...

Hi Jean:-)

Every time I see vintage hats either at the Thrift shops or Antique stores, I think of you:-) Love all the close up pictures of your hats and that wallpaper border is just perfect!!

I've just caught up with your last few posts...I do hope you're feeling much better now? A bladder infection is definitely no fun to have!!

Love what you did with your window frame...replacing the leaves with wedding pictures is just beautiful! Love all the little touches you added as well:-) xox

j said...

I'm with you, the turquoise are stunning. The pink is awfully pretty too!


ShabbyInTheCity said...

Oh I think I'd better come in for a haircut!
I see old hairstyling things all the time and think about old curling irons.

Unknown said...

What a lovely hat collection. Your blog is beautiful, I love the background here. So glad to have found your place. Karen