Thursday, April 03, 2008

Frustration +!

Warning! This is not a "happy place" today!
Do you know what this is? If you guessed hospital bracelet you are right! I realized at work last night I must have a bladder infection. I called the Dr and he gave the pharmacy where I work a prescription. I took it immediately. I soon realized I couldn't get my work done in the bathroom so I came home. By 10:45 I called my daughter (waking her up) to tell her if anyone needed me I would be at the hospital! I couldn't take anymore pain so I went to the hospital, in my pj's and robe! I only live a block away and just couldn't change. About an hour and 15 minutes later I was sent home. They gave me a magic pill that stopped the awful bladder spasms that were causing the problem.
I've also been dealing with my insurance company that refuses to pay for my pain medication for fibro myalgia. When I have an insurance problem I go thru a union rep. I tried to get into the fibro Dr and they just couldn't find a spot for me because I'm not a regular patient. The Dr tells me to come when I can"t stand it and more. I have been on the phone with more people in the last couple days. I stayed home on my day off waiting for calls I never got......
Excuse me! I had to take a call from my urologists office. I need one more appointment with them in a month to make sure the bladder problem is okay before I have surgery in May! I go to the urologist at 7:45. my regular Dr for permission for surgery at 9:30 and get a haircut at 11:00! Sounds like a super day off!

Sorry for the ranting! I do feel 100% better today and my urine has gone from bright red to florescent orange (from medication)

I hope you've had a better week than I have. Feel free to rant if you haven't!


Rosie's Whimsy said...

Oh Ms need a day off from your day off! I sure hope your magic pill is still working. I hate bladder infections! ((hugs)) Rosie

Zoey said...

I think you needed to rant! What an awful week you had. Days off are too precious to have them wasted on things like that.

I do hope everything is better and you have a nice weekend.

JunieRose2005 said...

ahh Jean,

We all deserve to rank sometimes!

Am glad you're feeling better.


jennifer said...

Oh Jean, you haven't had the best time of it. I'm so sorry. I mailed you a little something and you should get it tomorrow or Monday. Maybe just in time to cheer you up!!


Susie said...

Bladder infections are never fun! I'm glad you're feeling just a bit better and hope the healing rapidly continues.

Muum said...

I am completely sympathetic, I have an ongoing prob with this, but 'it's not quite bad enough for surgery yet' ... which is ok. I have recurring UTI's, prob due to aging,( I'm 52!!), and stay away from sugar, and take AZO cranberry tablets , and a few other strategies. best of luck...