Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Chair doilies

First I have to say HAPPY 38th BIRTHDAY to Chris, my favorite son-in-law! If you'd like to wish him a happy day click hereThis is something I found in my linen closet that I forgot I had. Do you remember when there were doilies everywhere, including on the chairs?
This set had arm covers and a back cover. I'm not sure if they are handmade or not. The back covers are a little small for today's furniture but it does look pretty.I'm really not sure how well they stayed in place. Would you use these today? I'm afraid they would be a nuisance on the chair I always sit in. Maybe on an unused chair.


Pinkie Denise said...

Love the atamasgars, I think thats what their called. I have some my husbands grandmother made, she loved to crochet. I think they were held on with screw type pins, I have seen them before, but then I don't think there was much time for sitting. Thanks for sharing and stopping by my show and tell Sunday nice to meet you Pinkie Denise

LBP said...

My great aunt used to have those everywhere! I have no idea whatever happened to them.

Yours are beautiful.



Simply Heart And Home said...

Those doilies look so feminine. Very sweet. And Happy Birthday to Chris!

Diana LaMarre said...

I love antimacassars. I would use them today if I had a home full of wintage charm like you do. You can buy upholstery pins to hold them down.