Monday, March 31, 2008

Fashion Show!

Gramma has been shopping again so I have to put on a fashion show! I love the pretty colors in my new dress!
Gramma says now I'll need some new spring shoes. She wouldn't let me wear my Elmo sneakers for the "photo shoot".
I also like the ribbon bow on my dress...
... and it has 3 sparkly buttons on the top.
When Gramma showed me this cute jean skirt I said "cool!"
That's exactly how I feel in this outfit, cool!
I love the little flowers. (Gramma- I found this Rider skirt for 5 dollars at Big Lots!)
This is another top option with the skirt.
The belt is very stylish, don't you think?
Now all we need is a little warmer weather and some new shoes, of course, so I can wear my new clothes.


Laurie and Chris said...

You look very springy baby J! I love the jean skirt gramma found for you. Love Aunt Laurie

Betty said...

Gosh, I like the green toile on your blog...I wonder why? Because I have it on mine, too.

Precious granddaughter....such a sweet model.....

Thank you for visiting with me...Please come again...I read 'Mr. Green Thumb' gardening blog...any relation? Betty

Unknown said...

What a sweet girl and I love her new outfits too!

A wildlife gardener said...

How wonderful to have a little angel like her :)