Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A bird in hand...

I got a package in the mail yesterday and I was so excited! I knew what it was immediately and couldn't wait to see it!I had been to Beachy's blog and seen something I loved. She had put it in her Etsy shop and I was fortunate enough to buy it before someone else did. She added a darling tag and a tiny glittery note card. Aren't you dying to know what it is?This beautiful relish spoon with a nest and vintage bird!
I knew it would be perfect on my mantle with the other vintage birds. Even the coral color of the bird is perfect. It sets right on this old woodwork piece and the crystal hangs over the edge.I even had to make a new topper with the spoon in it. It's hard to see because it is so tiny but it's on the left side in front of the picture.
Thanks, Beachy! I love it!


Cape Cod Washashore said...

I'm so happy that you are enjoying your little bird spoon!!! (And I'm relieved that our postmen delivered it safely!) =) Such a pretty mantel you have!

Simply Heart And Home said...


I love that sweet spoon. I collect cute birdhouses. I also found two different lamps. One was from Hallmark that has little birds eating from a bird feeder. I don't remember where I bought the other but it is a birdhouse with the lampshade.



kris said...

How cute is that? I love it! I also like how you decorated the window box - very cute. You are so talented! :)

j said...

So pretty! I love getting packages too!

Thanks for coming by today. I was glad to hear from you.