Friday, February 22, 2008

Show and Tell

I did a post about this last year but thought it would be fun for Show and Tell.I know the cover looks kind of gross but the inside is in perfect condition.
This is my Mom's baby book.
My Mom was named Anne Louise at birth but her name was changed at some point to Emeline Louise, which was shortened to Emmy Lou. She was born in December, 1922.
I love all the old graphics.She didn't have her first bath until she was 3 1/2 months old.One of her first toys was a roly poly rattle.
A piece of her hair and the ribbon that held it.Her Aunt Cecil bought her first shoes.
Her first trip was to the small town about 20 minutes away (now) where her Grandmother lived, on December 23.
I can't believe this book is in such good shape after all these years.
She took her first steps at 13 1/2 months. She was baptised in June as Emeline Louise. I love the Christmas graphic!
I was really excited to discover this amoung my Mom's things.
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Linda said...

What a precious keepsake. I loved reading about your mom and the graphics are so pretty. I love you have her ribbon and a little piece of her baby hair. What a wonderful treasure. Linda

Constance said...

What a treasure you have there! It has immeasurable value since it was your own mother's! Your right, the graphics are exquisite!

Lori Stilger said...

It's a WONDERFUL treasure!!! Books are a lot like people - the insides can be more beautiful than the outsides, OR vice-versa. :D
Thanks so much for sharing - it's beautiful! (I also love your header and mouse snowman. :D)
Have a blessed day!

jennifer said...

The pictures in that baby book are SO beautiful. I bet if someone made a baby book today that looked like that it would FLY off the shelf! Happy Weekend! Jen

Dawn said...

What a delightful family keepsake. Those pictures are beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

Barbara H. said...

That is just precious! I love the illustrations, and to have something like this of your mom's is just priceless.

cherished*vintage said...

That is a wonderful keepsake! Oh how I wish we had baby books like that nowadays... the illustrations are just fabulous! What a treasure.

Jewelgirl said...

This is beautiful and definitely
a family treasure. The colored
pictures are lovely and precious!
Thank you for sharing it!

Sharon said...

That is the most precious thing! I love it! How wonderful to have all your mother's firsts recorded. The graphics are so darling! Thank you for sharing!

Hugs, Sharon

Simply Stork said...

oh so sweet...I especially love the "stork" page :o)

~simply stork~

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful momento! I love the old fashion pictures. What a delight to know all your mother's firsts!

Have a blessed evening.


Martie said...

What a wonderful treasure. I love the artwork inside the book - just lovely. Thanks for sharing.


PEA said...

I do remember when you showed us this book in one post but I'm still in awe of the great shape it's still in inside! Such a wonderful memory of your mom as a child. Love the graphics on the pages!! xox

Betty said...

What a wonderful treasure you have....I am very happy for you....

Thanks for commenting on my silver bucket....Betty

Rick Rack Attack said...

We have my husband's grandmother's baby book. Our middle daughter is named after her, so we inherited it when she passed away. I will have to share it one of these Fridays.

You can check out my show & tell at

Muum said...

I didn't know baby books were around in the 20's ! This was charming to see. thanks for sharing it with us all.

Anonymous said...

I think this is wonderful. I've never seen a baby book from this era. Love the graphics! Take super good care of it.

Kathy b

Cheryl said...

LOVE THIS!!! Wow! What wonderful pictures in that book. I think I'd have to color copy some of them and frame them!

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