Monday, February 25, 2008

Jerzie here!

Hi! It's Monday so I'm spending the day with Gramma and I have something to show you.Can you see anything different about me? I know, I'm wearing the same sweater as last week but I really like this sweater and it's nice and warm.
Yes, Gramma did give me a different hair do this week but that's not it.
I do like the little side braid and I love having a barrette in my hair.Can you see what it is now? I got my ears pierced on Saturday!! My Mommy and Daddy finally had enough courage to take me to have it done. I really think that it hurt them more than me! I cried for a minute but as soon as they gave me a sucker I stopped. ( Don't tell them but I knew they'd give me one if I cried a little!)
Aunt Laurie took this picture on Saturday. You can really see how beautiful my ears look now in this picture.
We're going to stay at Gramma's for dinner tonight. She's making spaghetti and meatballs. It sure smells good! She's going to make Eclair Cake too and she said to tell you she'll give you the recipe tomorrow.
Gotta go! It's time for my morning nap.


Lilli in Vancouver said...

Hi Jerzie! Love the earrings! They look really nice on you. I'm glad to hear you didn't cry too much.

Hope you had a good nap. Have a great day with Gramma :)

Dawn said...

So sweet!
My DGD, Miss M, got hers done at 5 months old...
My girls were like 7 when we did theirs.
I just love the little earrings on the little ones.

Muum said...

those are cute! the recipe sounds great- looking forward to it.

JunieRose2005 said...

Oh, my goodness!

I LOVE the big girl look! Very classy!


Mockingbird Hill said...

I remember getting my daughter's ears done when she was 6 months old. Back then, they did it at the Dr's office and it took me and a nurse to hold her still! All's well that ends well and I am still so glad I did it when she was tiny..

Jerzie looks very sweet...and so grown-up!