Sunday, February 03, 2008


I never expected to be herding strays but that's what I had to do!
I have this stool under my computer desk to put my feet up when I'm here too much.
I've been working in my bedroom the last couple days and when I picked up the stool I heard something. My great nephew must have put these in the stool when he was here at Christmas time. I'm sure he's wondering where his herd is!
I'll give them to Grandma and Grandpa when I see them. I'm sure Johnny will be glad to get his favorite animals back. I hate to hear how much time the family has spent looking for them. He's only 3 so I'm sure he doesn't remember where he left them.


Muum said...

Tell him to come back over and mooooooove those cows home!

Nancy Jo said...

Thank you for stoping by my site. I have four little Grand daunghters, they are a joy aren't they?
I see you visit Claudia at TEENY TINY CABIN, I miss her but can't wait to see pictures of her new place.
Well go feed your cows, I just got back form the thrift store and have to go sort out what I got and take pictures for my site, if there is something that is worth a picture.