Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A day late!

Since I went shopping yesterday Jerzie came to spend the day today instead.
Seems some of the things I bought yesterday made a hit. Jerzie seemed to like her new toy box. She put her toys away as soon as I showed her what it was for.
She also liked her new puzzle. She especially liked putting the pieces upside down to tease me. To make it even more fun she knows the sound effects for everything but the horse.
The best thing of all was this 3 dollar blow up chair! The 40 dollar zebra sits untouched in the middle of the floor but she sat in the chair all day! When she wasn't sitting on it she was playing with her toys on it.
She really enjoyed bouncing up and down on it.
Jerzie kept wanting her Mommy's scarf awhile ago so I gave her one I didn't use anymore. She spent half the day with it around her neck.
She has quite the fashion sense wouldn't you say?
That is until she decided it was time to go see her friend and my neighbor, Anne.
When she's ready to go she sure lets a person know it!
As usual we're having a super day!

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Lilli said...

So cute!

How old is she, Jean? My nephew will be 2 in March, and a lot of Jerzie's behavior reminds me of him :)