Wednesday, December 19, 2007

O Christmas Tree!

Thought I'd show you my tree today. It is hard to get a good picture.I love a real tree and this one is nice and full.
The next pictures are some of the bead ornaments my Mom made.
I'm not sure I appreciated them enough when I got them but I sure do now.
She made a different one every year.
She had a hard time finding something new each year. My daughter and I talked her into making these.

There was a story that went with it about the spiders weaving webs all over the tree and how beautiful it was. She never got to make these but I hang this one, purchased to be the pattern, on my tree every year.


Mockingbird Hill said...

What a wonderful way to honor your Mom by having her ornaments be a part of your tree every year! I love those old ornaments and I never really appreciated them until many years later..

Beautiful tree, too!


A wildlife gardener said...

How wonderful! I love that story. Christmas is all about family traditions. that's what makes it so special. Have a happy one :)