Wednesday, December 26, 2007


I really surprised my daughter with one of her Christmas gifts this year and it was all thanks to blogland!

Lilli of Make Mine Blissful makes beautiful bags for her etsy shop. She puts fabrics together and posts them. You can buy the bundle and she will put them together into a bag. Laurie told me there was a beautiful bundle of purples (her favorite color) she loved. I went over to the shop, purchased the bundle and told Laurie I tried to check it out but it was gone.
Laurie visits Lilli's blog regularly so I let Lilli know who the bag was for. Lilli usually posted the process and the finished bags and I was afraid if she didn't post this one Laurie might catch on. The big problem is that the bags have your name on them. We decided Lilli would post the bag with Ann written on it, both mine and Laurie's middle name, so she wouldn't have to tell a fib.
Here is Laurie opening her present.
You got me! I can't believe it!
You lied to me! (but it was worth it!)
When Lillie posted the progress of "Ann's" bag Laurie commented
" You already know I like the colors of this bag :) It looks great."
When she posted the finished bag, Laurie was the first to comment.
"Lilli~ It really turned out pretty. I love all the different shades of purple you used. I'm sure Ann will love it."
"Ann" did love it! And what fun it was to trick her! Lilli even sent Laurie a note with the bag telling her what fun she had being a part of the surprise. You'll have to click on the link above to "the process" and "finished bag" to see how beautiful it is. The only difference is that the name on it is Laurie not Ann!
I got a rose shrub for my birthday this year because I commented on a blog that I had always wanted one. Laurie saw the comment and bought me one. Now I got her through blogland! Turn-about is fair play!


Lilli said...

Yaay!!! We did it :) Thanks for sharing the blow-by-blow details of the surprise. Hee hee!

Laurie & Chris said...

Boy did you get me! I love it!!

Zoey said...

Oh, what fun to be able to surprise Laurie like that!

Now I have to go check out the link to see the bag.