Saturday, December 01, 2007


I can't believe it's December 1st already! The last page on my calendar.I've put some of my Santa's in my window box. I'm really enjoying decorating it.
I can't get a good picture because of the glare so I opened it up so you can see it better.
People seem to notice it more now that the gardens are done blooming.
As you can see in my header, I put a spotlight on it too.

Sorry, I haven't been around to visit. I have been real busy raking leaves, decorating inside and out, taring my roof, etc. Yes, you read right! I discovered a leak in my bedroom. The roof shingles were bad, even tho they are fairly new, from me trying to break up ice. We've had a lot of wind that must have blown the water under the shingles. Before work Thursday morning I climbed out the window with a large bucket of tar and tarred the loose shingles. I sure hope it works!
P.S. I did most of my Christmas blog decor myself, with a little help from Chris. I figured if you gals could do it, so could I. Irritating at times but fun, too.


Dawn said...

Your place is always lovely and festive, Jean....

Muum said...

I love your window box! I enjoyed seeing your Christmas decorations.

Zoey said...

Hi Jean,
You tarred your own roof? Is there anything you can't do!!! LOL. I am impressed.

You remind me of my sister whose husband is a sailor. He is always on the boat, so she has to fend for herself. Sometimes she amazes me by the things she does.

Your new banner is very nice, too.