Thursday, November 01, 2007

No dogs allowed!

I can't believe it's November 1st already. I still have lots to do before winter. I did get 4 windows washed and put storms on yesterday. It has been beautiful. Cool but sunny. I had to work at the store last night. It was real slow so we didn't do much.
We don't usually allow dogs in the store but this one was sooo cute we couldn't turn it away!
Have you ever seen such an adorable puppy? ( I may be a little prejudice)
This was her last stop of the night so her whiskers were a little faded.
She had to give the ghost Grandma gave her a kiss!
There was actually a skunk going in the store when I left! I forgot I had my camera so I didn't get a picture. She was going to see her Grandma too, but she wasn't seeing much of anything. She was a very sleepy skunk.


RUTH said...

Such cute photos :o)

Mockingbird Hill said...

How cute is this?? Hope you all had a fun Halloween...thanks for sharing these precious pix!