Wednesday, November 07, 2007

From Z to A

I had the kids over for dinner the other night so I could try this new Zucchini Soup recipe I found.(The pictures are of a double batch). It started with 2 medium zucchini, grated. Salt lightly and put in colander and let drain for 1/2 hour. Add 2 medium carrots, grated and a medium onion, chopped. Saute in 1/2 cup butter until vegetables are slightly limp. Stir in 4 tablespoons flour and cook for 5 minutes over low heat, stirring constantly.

Add 2-13.5 oz cans of chicken broth. When smooth and hot, add 4 ounces grated Monterrey Jack cheese stirring until melted. Add 1 cup milk, salt and pepper. I thought this was very tasty but would add at least half cheddar cheese next time.
I also made apple crisp for desert. I finally found a recipe that didn't have oatmeal in it.
4 cups sliced apples
sprinkle with 1 tsp. cinnamon
1/4 cup waterMix 1/2 c. sugar
1/2 c. brown sugar
1/4 c. butter
3/4 c. flour
2-3 Tbsp maple syrup
Pour over apples

Bake at 350 for 50 minutes.
Best served warm with a scoop on vanilla ice cream.


PEA said...

Zucchini soup..who would have thought? I always have so much zucchini from the garden and run out of things to do with it so freeze it shredded for future use. I'll have to try the soup next time! That apple crisp also looks so delish!! xox

Naturegirl said...

mmmmmm...perfect fall recipes to warm the soul!! Now I have to go and make these.Thank you for sharing and for entering my (((((GIVEAWAY))))
hugs aNNA

Muum said...

this looks good, I will have to try it!

Susie said...

I've never had zucchini soup. It looks yummy.
All my apple crisp recipes call for oatmeal. I like apple crisp most any way!!

Crystal said...

Lucky kids! Both of those are some of my favorite things to eat, and yours looks so yummy too!

BTW, I'm making cookbooks to raise funds for our adoption costs, would you be willing to share some of your favorite recipes for my books, I'm especially looking for ones that kids love.