Tuesday, October 02, 2007


My neighbor and I went to a couple household sales today. The first house was absolutely full of stuff and people. I have no idea how anyone lived in that tiny house with all their stuff. It's probably a good thing there were so many people. I'm sure I would have found more stuff to buy if it wasn't so crowded.Here are a few of the things I got. The blue thing on the box is a flashbulb. Laurie asked me to pick up old photography stuff whenever I found any. I love the little choir boy candles and the tree ornament.
I got Jerzie the little book on the left last week and she liked it because it is so small. I found her another one today. I paid a quarter for each one.
I'm not sure why I picked up the sachet ball except that it was only a quarter. I already had 2 so now I guess I have a collection!
I usually like the garage and basement best at these sales and these didn't disappoint. I got 4 bundles of green fence that will hopefully keep the critters away from my plants next spring. My favorite for the day is the watering can. I really like everything about it. There is a green patina around the spout that is great. A steal for 8 bucks!


PEA said...

If we ever meet, we'll have to go yard saling together! lol You truly did find some wonderful treasures, just love that watering can!!! xox

Susie said...

I'm with Pea! We should all go yard sailing or thrift storing together. I love the watering can and the choir boy candles!