Saturday, October 27, 2007


This is not my ordinary post! My son and his wife are having their annual Halloween party tonight. They work hard at decorating so I thought I would show you some of their decorations.

First their pumpkins.This is Jerzie's. She got to pick out which eyes, ears and mouth she wanted. I'd never seen these and thought they were a real cute idea. She picked everything dog except for the ears, which are cat. Her real dog does have pointy ears, tho.
These are Kim and Tabatha's. We used to all get together and carve fancy pumpkins like these every year. Now that I work nights we can't seem to get together. I must warn you that these images are not for the weak of heart or stomach!
Enter at your own risk! The cutie on the left is Tabatha's. There will be no more cute!
The doorman. Whoever did this left the bloody baseball bat behind.
Glowing eyes. Would you like a beer? Yes, I know it's a pepsi machine but it dispenses beer.No wonder there are so many webs. That's a snake in the skeleton's mouth.
I'm not sure I want to know what's in here!
This guy is on top guarding the frig.
Are those eyeballs in that jar? This guys eyes are glowing and he's screaming! (via remote control)
Hungry? Pickled fingers and eyeballs.
What is she doing up there?

Looks like she doesn't have a choice!Nice outfit!
Now that doesn't look to healthy.

Add a smoke machine, orange light bulbs and darkness ...
I'm glad I'm staying home with Jerzie!


PEA said...

I love it! lol I never decorate spooky like that but I do love it when other people do, especially for a party. That's a lot of work and ingenuity that went into all that decorating...hope their party was a huge success:-) xox

Mockingbird Hill said...

Oh Jean...I love the set up! We are not having our annual party this's been a busy and sad 6 months for us and we just don't feel up to it. But, we've got fog machines and sound effects and props that talk and move and it's always such good fun! I know everyone had a great time...good job!


kris said...

Great decorating - I bet they have a ball setting that all up!