Thursday, August 02, 2007

A what???

Sunday morning when I went out early to work in the garden, I came face to face with a woodchuck. He was on the side of the house and was in no hurry to leave. Once I moved he took off. I decided it was time to do something about it so I asked my friend to borrow his trap.
I set up the trap yesterday afternoon, went to work and forgot all about it. I know I have skunks in the area and was a little concerned that every food that attracks woodchucks also attracks skunks. Drinking my coffee on the deck this morning I discovered something in the trap.I wasn't sure what it was at first.
Does that look like a woodchuck to you?
Me neither!
I really didn't know what to do so of course I called my favorite son-in-law. He wasn't around so I called the city Animal Control to be told they no longer handle any animal except dogs. I carried the thing to my car and was going to take it for a ride when my neighbor saw it. He told me to call the Health Dept. because of rabies. Then he said that he would make some calls for me. He's involved in city government. After 45 minutes he said he found someone that would get rid of my raccoon as a favor to him. He discovered the city budget has been cut and only dogs are taken care of. He asked several people if I should just let it go and they all said NO! He will be addressing this problem and getting the word out to the people who think the city will still help with these problems. Maybe my raccoon will make a difference!


PEA said...

Oh dear, you caught yourself a raccoon! lol It's the same over here, where once the animal control officers would come and trap the animal for you, they now just lend you a cage and say "you're on your own"! I find that so ridiculous AND dangerous, considering we have problems with bears around here too! Makes you wonder how many people have to get attacked by these wild animals we must trap before they let the trained people do it again!! xox

Zoey said...

My dad traps quite a few of these every summer. He hauls them off a few miles to his hunting camp and releases them. Two weeks ago he got a skunk!

Lallee said...

Awe. He's a very cute 'woodchuck'.

Anonymous said...