Monday, August 06, 2007

A mess!

What the heck happened here?Jerzie happened here!
Seems the older she gets, the bigger the mess. Of course, since she gets around so well the mess isn't confined to the living room. She really enjoys these blocks she got for her birthday. I hadn't seen them before but they are great for hand coordination.
She does real well with them.
The mess is a very small price to pay for the joy!


Are We There Yet? said...

such cute pics of Jerzie. Kylee loves her blocks also...we got them at about the same age Jerzie got hers. She is getting to where she tries to stack them as high as she can and then karate chops them to knock them down. Now that Kylee walks...the mess is EVERYWHERE!

PEA said...

Funny how such a little one can make such a big mess! lol My mom use to always say that toys weren't considered a mess, it just meant there was a happy child living there:-) xox