Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I'm back!

My personal computer whiz and favorite son-in-law got me back online! There was a problem in the tower that messed with my connection. I hope that's not too technical for anyone!
It was cold and rainy here yesterday for Jerzie day. After an early, quick trip to Walmart we spent the day inside. This throw belongs on my chair but
it's soft and has fringe so Jerzie helped herself to it!
Can you see the fringe in her fingers?
I wasn't sure what she was doing here but soon found out.
Putting it just so before she laid on it.
Nothing like cuddling on a hard wood floor!
I kept sneaking out of the kitchen to see what she was up to and snap a picture.She had to have this throw and a cotton one with fringe in bed with her. I tried to take one out and she got upset. There won't be any room left for her pretty soon!
I'll tell you tomorrow what I was doing in the kitchen.


Are We There Yet? said...

so cute and cuddly. Its funny how little ones know just how they want their blanket. My daughter fusses with hers until its just right and then she is out like a light.

Are We There Yet? said...

oh, and welcome back!

T*mmy said...

My Hubby keeps it so cold in my house that I will wall around with my throw like a shawl...lol!
She is so cute!

Susie said...

She's adorable. My youngest grandson always snuggled with any "soft thing" He would rub whatever it was on his face, but didn't suck his thumb.
Glad your handy sil fixed your computer!

PEA said...

I knew Chris would be able to figure out the problem:-) Glad you're back online!! My oldest son, sucked his thumb until he was about 2 so seeing those pictures of Jerzie reminded me of him at that age:-) She's too adorable for words!! xox

RUTH said...

Jerzie is so cute. Glad you managed to get your connection sorted :o)