Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Gardening station

Today I'm going to show you what I did with the $15. enamel top table I got at the auction. I'm using it as a potting table under my deck by the beauty shop back door. To see what it used to look like click here. The crates under the table hold fertilizer, ant granules,etc. Things I use often are in the old bucket from the auction. The round apple basket holds gloves.
These bug hangers hold a small rake I use often and the stirrer for the composter.
I screwed an old shelf, that was in my Mom's craft closet, to the wall. The tall bucket holds plant stakes. I found the horse shoe while digging in the shade garden in the back corner of the yard. I cut down an old fruit crate and put the end back on to make a holder for my trowels and cutters. Works like a drawer on the bottom shelf.
I like that it looks good and is also useful. The oval tin basket holds all my plant tags.
I love the table and it is protected from the elements.
I haven't filled the drawer yet but love the glass door pull. What does your gardening station look like? Do you have any great storage, decorative ideas?


T*mmy said...

A wonderful area you have...I don't have a gardening you think that would help!!

PEA said...

Such a wonderful idea to use that table for your gardening station! I love the way you set everything up. xox

tracey said...

Very cool table. I love the rustic look!

Zoey said...

What a great use of your table, Jean. The whole area looks so inviting.

OldBagNewTricks said...

My "gardening station" is the front corner of my woodworking shop -- decorative it ain't. Yours is lovely -- I could have lunch there.... and I am wondering if you have redone the floor -- the previous photo looks like brick and this looks like stone.

Also, I thank you so much for your kindly words on my blog about my mom. Thank you.