Monday, August 13, 2007


Our latest sport is playing catch. Of course, it won't do unless Grandma is sitting on the floor!Jerzie pounces right on it when it comes her way.
This ball is the perfect size.
She can even throw it one handed.
What an arm!
Daddy was a basketball player and still plays on a couple softball teams.
She does her Daddy proud! Won't be long and she'll be on the team.
The Mets first girl player?


Are We There Yet? said...

love the pics...she's too cute.

PEA said...

She might be, you just never know!! hehe She's just so adorable...makes even throwing a ball look cute! lol xox

OldBagNewTricks said...

OMG, Jean!!! Catch!!!! I can't wait.... but I have to.... oh, once again you and Jerzie have shown me something else wonderful to look forward to. I love this Grandma Business. So cool!


T*mmy said...

Looks like she is having a wonderful time!