Monday, June 04, 2007

Shopping with Grandma.

Grandma and I went shopping to Walmart this morning. Grandma needed diapers, wipes and formula for me and a couple things for her. We even got to see Aunt Laurie while we were there.
Grandma bought me some things that I had to have.Every girl needs ruffly socks and sneakers with pink sparkles and glittery laces, don't you think?
I also got this cool hat! I can be hip and with it..
or I can be sweet and girly.
I love my hat and wore it all the time we were shopping. The cashier even used the hand scanner and left it on me when we cashed out. I got so tired I feel asleep before we even got home.


OldBagNewTricks said...

Oh, how adorable? Of course she needs ruffly socks, sparkly shoes, two cool hats! Your pictures of Jerzie make me more and more eager for my grandchild to arrive... It's heartening to see how much you enjoy her. Thanks for sharing,

Susie said...

Love the cute "Hip" hats!!
She's adorable..

Kate said...

What a little sweetie! Those are cool shoes and socks and hats!

PEA said...

I want you as a grandma!!! lol She looks so adorable in her new little hat and I love the socks and shoes...precious!!! xox

Autumn said...

She is so cute. I can see how you want to buy for her and spoil her. I would too

david santos said...

Pretty boy, Jean! Congratulations and that it has everything to be happy

Beemoosie said...

What a wonderful day with Grandma!! Sweet, sweet pictures!