Sunday, May 27, 2007

Pinks and purples.

Welcome to my garden. I seem to have a lot of pinks and purples in bloom this week.
One of my cranesbill geranium. I love these plants and have several colors. They mound and fill out very nice and have interesting leaves. There are always plenty of pass-along plants because the do spread quite easily.
I like the combination of the allium with the purple mullein. Most of my mulleins are softer colors but this purple is quite strong.
There are still lots of buds on this thrift. I have it as a border in my middle garden and I have a hard time keeping the grass from growing in it. I dug it all out last year and removed grass but some is back. I'm expanding this garden this year so I'll put something else between it and the grass.
Pink and purple wild columbine and purple iris on the side of my neighbors garage. I thinned the Iris last year and have many more blooms this year.
Soapwort spilling from an old milk pail.
The best show right now is an azalea and clematis by the shed. This is a twice blooming clematis. The azalea came with the house but this is the third or forth place it has been and it's really doing well here.
I'm off to the garden. We had some rain yesterday so weeding and thinning should be a little easier.


Dawn said...

Everything looks wonderful! Can't wait to see it all on Wednesday!

ACey said...

What a pretty selection! I've been in and out of my garden all morning.

"Early Bird" said...

an exellent green thumb post!!
All very beautiful!!

Michelle said...

*LOVE* the clematis! Very pretty!! :)

PEA said...

Jean, your flowers are just gorgeous! I can't believe how in bloom they are...over here everything is still a couple of weeks behind. My clematis at the front of the house is growing like crazy, climbing up the trellis but hasn't started to bud yet. xox

Autumn said...

Oh how beauiful!

MrBrownThumb said...

Your color combinations are really good. Your plants match your blog :)

I have a cranesbill too but it's more pink like your blog.

skeet said...

I love the brilliant colors! Each plant seems to be growing in just the right setting to display itlself to best advantage. how'd you do that, lol?!

Last week got crazy so I'm doing two GTS visits at once. :0)