Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Morning visitors

It was a dark and rainy morning but as I was drinking my coffee a little bird sat on the deck rail and sang for me. I'm really very happy about the rain because it was getting very dry.Pretty soon a second one came and joined in. I know the pictures are bad because it was so dark. In the bottom picture they are both on the shed area of the pic. They sang until I'd almost finished my coffee.
Then I heard another noise. Guess what that was. I had caught a second squirrel on my deck. Something had been digging in the pots that are on the deck. Luckily I hadn't planted anything yet. I had seen squirrels going up the posts to try to get to the bird feeder so I figured that is what it was.
This little guy went on a vacation to a beautiful park full of lovely trees and lots of other squirrels. I'll miss watching these 2 chase each other out in the back yard but they were getting much too close to the house and I don't plan on running a squirrel resort next winter!
That's three chipmunks and two squirrels, if you're counting!


PEA said...

Ahhhh...serenaded while drinking your coffee, not a bad way to start your morning:-) We've also trapped squirrels and brought them to the woods a little ways from us...we have a couple of resident chipmunks but so far they haven't done any damage...squirrels on the other hand have been a nuissance so we try to trap them right away!

"Early Bird" said...

Heyyyyyyy...I need one of those traps...teehee!!

Naturegirl said...

Well Jean I am running a squirrel resort here it seems! All winter I fed them and now they are digging into my newly planted pots!! They were neat with the shells in the pots all winter so I suppose I will have to break that habit. I still feed them but place at the back of the garden.I am pleased to see that you transport yours. I love the quiet in the morning with only the song birds!