Friday, May 25, 2007

Lucy-Desi Days

I wrote this post on Feb. 28 of this year. Since we're having Lucy Desi Days here in the town Lucy was born in I thought I would rerun it for any new readers I have.
Celebrity connections
I've been thinking about this series of posts for awhile and decided that this is a good time. Everyone seems so bored and it is hard to come up with a post that isn't about snow.
Let me first say that I am not impressed with celebrity. I do not like a person because of who they know. I am not a "fan" of anybody special. I like several TV shows but I am not interested in meeting the stars. I would rather sit at home and watch a concert on TV. I have had a few customers with "celebrity" connections in the past and they do make interesting stories. One of my favorite weekly customers' son-in-law discovered AIDS and was Rock Hudson's doctor. Another's daughter worked for Jim Hansen and the Muppets and her son is an accomplished artist. When I went to her 75th birthday party I met a lady who later was written about in People Magazine.
I have a good friend, Lloyd, who also has a "celebrity connection". Can you guess who he's connected to by the way he's dressed?

You're right! He has a connection to Lucy! I have really enjoyed this connection even though I am not a major fan. I know you FANS are going to be upset that this is wasted on me but I will be sharing pictures and stories with you about this connection.
Do you have any guesses as to what Lloyd's connection to Lucy is? Leave your ideas in the comments. I'll let you know tomorrow!

I wrote a series of posts on this subject starting on the first of March. If you are interested in this series just click on March 2007 in the archives on the right and scroll to the bottom. To read the series in order you will have to scroll up.
We also have a celebration here the first week of August for Lucy's birthday.
If you are interested in learning more click here.


cityfarmer said...

I love Lucy!

PEA said...

I remember reading your posts about Lucy and how fascinated I was with them!! I love it that they have a Lucy & Desi festival!! xox