Monday, May 14, 2007


My house guest left around noon today. Mommy and Daddy were supposed to be home yesterday but it rained Sat. night so the race was postponed until Sun.Jerzie really perfected her crawl while she was here.
Mommy and Daddy saw her do it first last Monday but she only went a couple steps.
Now she really takes off! She does have a little trouble with the hardwood floors being slippery. She's coming to find Grandma and, of course, she's on the computer!
She was pretty excited to see Mommy and Daddy!
I really enjoyed having her and we had a great time but I am a little tired out. I did some yard work after she left and mowed the lawn. Now I can rest.

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ShabbyInTheCity said...

Babies at that stage remind me of little wind up toys! So cute.
I love your Jack in the Pulpits!!! I don't have any shade to grow them.