Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Estate sale find.

I was coming home from a quick trip to the store Friday when I passed an estate sale sign. Naturally, I had to check it out on the way home. They were pretty well cleaned out but I spotted a glass bi fold door that was interesting. They lowered the price from $18. to $8.00 so I grabbed it.
I dragged it in the house and out onto the deck. It was quite heavy. It was a little new looking for me so I sanded it down. See the lines in the glass? It's all one sheet of glass but the lines are made by beveling the edges. I really love that detail.
Then I added some stain to tone down the paint color.
Next, I added eyehooks and some heavy wire and clamps.
Then I put hooks in the ceiling.
When the kids came over I asked the guys to hang it for me. They really didn't have much choice since it was on the table so they couldn't eat until they hung it. I know they all think my ideas are pretty weird sometimes but they kept it to themselves very well!
I think it's cool! I know it's clear glass but it makes me feel I have a little more privacy from my "neighbors from hell". I was looking for some old windows during city cleanup to hang on this end of the deck. I drove around until I was almost car sick and gave up.
I hung it off center because of the grill. Now I'm looking for a regular size one to hang higher over the grill. I have a wisteria vine that was growing on the deck rail so I'll train some of that to grow around the window.So, what do you think? You can be honest. I know my ideas aren't for everyone but that's what makes life interesting!


Sara said...

I think it makes an interesting feature and a great talking point.
Sara from farmingfriends

Dawn said...

me likes it..

Carol said...

I like it. I've thought about putting up some old screen doors or something like that on the one side of my patio that is open to the neighbors to give me a bit more privacy (and something to grow vines on), but haven't pursued it. I vote to keep it!

OldBagNewTricks said...

So adorable! Very smart of you... and I know all about that neighbor from hell. I call mine Boo. This is a good solution...


PEA said...

The truth? I love it!! So like you to come up with such an original idea as to fix up an old window and hang it up like that...why can't I ever think up ideas like that??? lol xox