Friday, May 11, 2007

Burgundy Glow

This is Burgundy Glow Bugleweed (ajuga)and it is a very invasive plant. I bought some for a border and ended up with way too much. It grows in sun or shade. In the summer it is white and green variegated with a touch of burgundy when planted in the sun. In the shade it is green and burgundy. In spring it gets these purple flowers. I had so much, I was giving away a bushel full. My cousin decided it would be great around her patio so she took the whole bushel. After it was planted her husband-to-be said it would be really fun to play toy soldier in it. The flowers were the perfect size to be trees. They both loved it. They got married in the yard and there was a special package just for the groom. I big package of toy soldiers! He won't admit to playing with them but I bet when there is nobody around he is down on his knees in the "Burgundy Glow" Bugleweed playing soldier!


Lilli said...

I'll take some from you, to put in one of my planters :) Love purple

PEA said...

LOL I can just picture him playing with those toy soldiers amidst the plants! hehe I love the purple flowers that plant gets, wonderful! Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Mother's Day dear Jean! xox

Anita said...

Oh, if I lived nearby, I would definitivly take some from you, too!

Jean, I ADORE your deck! It looks so very inviting on the photos of your last post!

Have a great week-end and happy gardening!


Sara said...

Hi Jean,

Your ajuga is amazing. I have some under my old apple tree but it is not as tall as yours. Impressive!
Sara from farmingfriends