Saturday, April 28, 2007

Wind Chimes

I've already shown you this wind chime when I showed you out back of my house. It was given to me and it is much more pleasing to look at than to listen to.
When my Grandparents lived in Florida wind chimes made out of pipe were all the rage. I bought this wind chime in Florida about 25 years ago. It's made from real pieces of pipe. You can buy all kinds of pipe chimes now but I love my old rusty ones. I have restrung them many times and they don't look so nice anymore but they have a beautiful tone.They may drive some people nuts, but they are comforting to me. I painted this chime a few years ago.
It is 3 sided with a different picture on each side.
I love how they look but they don't have as nice a sound.
I enjoyed painting the chime so much I even painted some pins with the same design.
I just bought this wind chime at the craft show last weekend. It made me smile and matches all the old kitchen stuff I have in my garden. It has a pretty nice sound and when ever the sun shines again I will put it on a shepherds hook in my garden.
Do you like wind chimes or are you one of those people who would hate to be my neighbor?


cityfarmer said...

I have the pleasure of hearing my neighbors...then I don't have to buy one.....the really nice ones are expensive.

PEA said...

I love windchimes so I'd love to be your neighbour!! lol You have some gorgeous ones, love how unusual they are but as you say, sometimes the sound they make isn't very pleasing. The other day when I was out shopping I came across these windchimes made of bamboo and I just LOVED the sound they made, more like wood hitting together instead of metal. I think I might go back and get them! hehe xox

Lilli said...

I like windchimes. They call my attention to the fact that there's a breeze, which reminds me of nature's beauties :) said...

It must sound beautiful in your yard with all the chimes

Jules said...

Id love to be your neighbour i would pop over for a cup of tea and a chat and we would sit and listen to those chmes.Love your blog i am in Australia found you by bloghopping.