Sunday, April 22, 2007

Prom dress

I wasn't sure if I was going to do this or not but what the heck! Beemoosie is having a drawing for anyone who will show their prom picture. When I was going thru my pictures this winter I threw out my prom pictures. Some friends of mine were getting married the day after graduation and I was in the wedding. The groom was in the Navy but he got a leave for prom. A friend that was to be in the wedding came home with him and he was my date. The year was 1967!
My ex and I decided to get married in September of 1968. We didn't have any money so we had a very small wedding. My aunt cut off my prom dress and made me a veil. My girl friend had a dress of hers cut off too. Another aunt made the wedding cake and snap shots were taken. Some different than todays weddings!
The best man did own a cool car though, a candy apple red 57 Chevy!
Does this count, Beemoosie?


"Early Bird" said...

I enjoyed seeing your pictures...I vote that it counts...teehee!!

Dawn said...

Jean...this is a lovely photo. You look so good in this color. I agree that weddings have definitely changed in recent years. Back in the day, the cake, the nuts and mints and punch were all that was expected. We did our wedding on a "shoestring"...and it was perfect as far as I was concerned.

cityfarmer said...

Gotta love those "pointy" bras!!!!

Beemoosie said...

Sure does, Jean! Thanks for participating!

Susie said...

You made a beautiful bride and how clever of you to use your dress again. Most prom dresses only get worn once..