Friday, April 20, 2007

Hospital visit.

On Wednesday my daughter-in-law called to tell me she and Jerzie were in the emergency room. Daddy was still at work and had a dentist appointment right after. Jerzie hadn't felt well for a couple days and her sitter finally had to call Mommy at work because all J. did was cry. I made a bottle because it was dinner time for little J.and went over to the hospital. This is what I found! Can you believe that hospital gown they had on her? After taking her temp, checking her ears and doing a throat culture they said she needed some blood tests. They gave her this popsicle while we waited. I'm feeding it to her and her Mommy took this picture with her phone. It was aweful watching them take 3+ vials of blood from her little arm. Boy was she mad! Three of us held her down and 2 took the blood. They also had to get some urine. Thankfully, it was nothing too serious. She has a double ear infection and a slight upper respitory infection. She's feeling much better now. I can't imagine some of the things parents have to go thru with really sick kids, just this little trip was enough for me!


Susie said...

Poor little one. Both of mine suffered with ear infections as did one grandson. They can make them just miserable. Thankfully the meds have them feeling good in no time!

"Early Bird" said...

Poor Babe...but it looks like she was in good hands with her Nanny!

Teeny Tiny cabin said...

Even though little Jerzie was feeling so bad-she looked incredibly cute in your picture!
I'm happy to hear she's feeling better and on her way to recovery.

I sure hope Spring is here to stay, but you know how it is in our little corner of the world! Have a great day, Jean! Claudia O.