Thursday, April 05, 2007

Birds & Blooms

As you can see, I've (with my awesome son-in-laws help, of course!) switched to my spring and summer look (even tho we have at least 5 inches of snow and the temp is 20). I'm going to think spring if it kills me!
The banner is a picture of one of my gardens. It is visible from the street and all my customers walk right past it. It is right under this.I made the fountain (with my awesome son-in-laws help, of course!) a few years ago. Like a lot of my "stuff", this coffee pot has a lot of memories. When we first started going to camp, this is what we heated water in. It got a little hole so naturally I said I wanted it. I decided to send a picture of it to Birds & Blooms magazine just for fun. They liked the idea and decided to put it in the Oct/Nov. issue in 2002!
This is the page it was on along with some other garden ideas from old stuff. I had a small granite ware collection and didn't display it anymore so decided to use it for a fountain. I knew what I wanted but needed Chris to figure out how to do it.
This is what they wrote about it. I have had a lot of comments on my unique fountain and look forward to putting it out every year (Thank goodness I don't have to ask Chris' help for that). Notice that I did give him the credit due in the article. If anyone is interested in knowing how it is done let me know and I'll take pictures and do a post when I put it out (if it ever stops snowing!!).


"Early Bird" said...

I just love that fountain...and the fact that you got a write up...that is great!!

Susie said...

Love your fountain! My husband always loves creative ideas for the garden, so I had to show him this one! Does it have a submurged pump?

Beemoosie said...

The fountain is beautiful!! What a great job you two did together!! Love the spring/summer look of your blog! I am thinking spring, but seeing winter too!

Tracey said...

Jean, I love the new spring look, and I ADORE that fountain! And how cool is it to have gotten into Birds and Blooms?

Lilli said...

Great ideas. The basketball net makes me smile :)