Sunday, March 11, 2007

Trees again

The blue house is 2 doors down from me. I heard some racket when I got out of the shower the other day and this is what I saw. This huge tree has a deck built around it. The owners would have the tree trimmed often and sometimes had to cut the hole in the deck bigger.For some reason they decided to have the tree cut down. See the guy in green up in the branches.
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This high crane was in the driveway in the front of the house. It is letting down a second man.
You can tell how large the tree is by the size of the men.
The crane lifted the trunk pieces over the house!
Look how high up it is over the house! I can't imagine the damage if they didn't have it secure!
Can you see the two men behind the other tree? There is one green jacket showing on the left and a leg from another on the right. They are pulling a rope attached to the tree. Wouldn't be good if the tree went thru the sliding glass doors to the deck.
This piece is huge.
Up and over the house again.
Now one guy is trimming the other tree and another is trying to cut thru that huge trunk.
Nothing but a big hole in the deck now.
Here's the logs in the front of the house. I wonder if they will be used for lumber. I would hope so. The smaller stuff was put into a huge chipper.
I'll have to see what they do about the deck this summer. They haven't really used it the last couple years so I'm thinking it might have rottedand need to be replaced. The idea of a tree on the deck is great but it was messy from birds and when it had rained the tree dripped for hours. I'll keep you posted.

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TJ said...

wow...I bet that cost a pretty penny!!

Carole Burant said...

Yikes, I was thinking the same thing about it better be secured well before going over the house!! It's the first time I hear of anyone building a deck around such a huge you said, after a rain it would drip for hours, not to mention all the leaves falling and such. They'll probably completely rebuild a new one which they'll enjoy more. xox