Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"Lucy & Desi" Kept Him In Stitches!

Lloyd is an avid cross stitcher and he has done several Lucy themed pieces over the years. Most of them have been donated to the Lucy and Desi Museum.
He has done 'the house',

Celeron school where Lucy went,

Lucy and Desi,

just Lucy,

Fred and Ethel,

and Desi with his son.
This is the only one Lloyd has kept.
As you can see this is the front of a Lucy Desi Museum News.
It is another cross stitch that Lloyd made and donated to the museum.

This article is inside the front page.
The "News" only comes in black and white so here is the colored picture.
Lloyd has also donated another cross stitch that he did of Lucy's Grandpa Hunt, who actually owned the house in Celeron.
It is hanging in one of the bedrooms of Lucy's house.

Yes, these are pictures of the actual cross stitches!
I would like to thank Lloyd for loaning me the pictures to share with you. I have gotten all of my Lucy information from him at one time or another and I know he still has stories to tell. If you decide to come visit Lucy's hometown let me know and Lloyd and I will give you a tour. We can't go into the house anymore but we can show you a lot of other interesting places.

I still have one more day of Lucy!


Carole Burant said...

How I'd love to be able to go visit that house and have Lloyd tell me more stories about Lucy:-) What a beautiful cross stitch he had made too! I'm so very glad he allowed you to post all these wonderful pictures, I've loved every one of them:-) xox

Susie said...

It was so nice of Lloyd to share his Lucy facts and pictures with all of us. The cross stich is beautifully done!

The Tiquehunters Wife said...

The series continues to captivate! Thanks! Jean, for taking the time to do all this! Thinking of You! Claudia O.

TJ said...

oh keep em coming my friend...I'm loving it...and that stitched picture was awesome!!