Thursday, February 10, 2011


There was a photographer with Lucy and Desi even though they didn't have an entourage. The photographer was from LOOK magazine. Lloyd had to get most of the black and white photos I've posted from the Library of Congress as they are unpublished.This is Lloyd's Mom Bernice with Lucy in the dining room. Notice, she knew Lucy was coming and was still in her apron. I'm sure it was a "Sunday"apron!
The little boy in bed is Lloyd's middle son, Clark. (His youngest isn't born until "57)
These are two very touching pictures of Desi. I can't help but wonder if he did this for the camera or if this was insight into the real man.
This last picture was one of the pictures that was printed in LOOK magazine.

All the pictures I am posting are Lloyd's personal pictures. He is often a mystery tour guide on the bus to the house on Lucy Lane in Celeron where he would give copies of some of his pictures to fans. This summer we will be celebrating Lucy's 100th birthday in August. You can go to 'The Lucy and Desi Center' for information.


Carole Burant said...

More amazing pictures...those are very precious, the two with Desi and the little boy! It's funny about the aprons...I remember my gran always having an apron on and wearing her Sunday best one after church! lol

TJ said...

I remember those bed spreads!!
I hate it that is snowing and you've got a!!!
Get well quick!!

Tracey said...

Jean, this has been so fun coming and reading your blog this week! Sure am glad I happened upon it.

You are left wondering, aren't you, whether or not what you see in the picture is what the real person was like? There always appeared to be a tenderness when Lucy and Desi had the little Ricky on TV...but then, they were actors, right? So who knows...but one does hope that was the real person.

Anonymous said...

Those are touching picture of Desi with the baby.

shannon i olson said...

I just love these! I posted today about you and this series, hopefully to encourage others to stop by and visit!

Darla said...

This has been very interesting...

Becca's Dirt said...

Lovin these posts about Luci and Desi.