Thursday, March 29, 2007

A drive plus a bonus!

I was feeling a little "antsy" on Tuesday so decided to drive to TJMaxx (it's about 40 minutes away) and I'm very glad I did. Found some great things!Of course, I had to look inthe baby department. Isn't this adorable? The "skirt" is really shorts and I love the capris. What is an outfit without socks to match!
I love this angel! I'm not sure which garden she'll end up in. I have gotten new garden things all winter so I may have to put in another garden to put them all in!
This birdhouse caught my eye in a display the minute I walked in the door. I love the rustic look. It will stay in my kitchen for now.

These were the best buy! I got all 5 boxes for $4.99! I put a couple in my patriotic entry but I can use the different sizes for all kinds of things.

It was a nice day and I really enjoyed just getting away for a couple hours after going to the dentist and the tax lady. The great finds (and a junior bacon cheeseburger from Wendy's drivethru) were a bonus!


PEA said...

Ooooh what great finds indeed!! I love everything you got but that angel and birdhouse are fabulous! It's no doubt you're very glad you went for that drive! lol xox

Gypsy Purple said...

Great blog!!!
Glad I visited

Susie said...

Great finds! That birdhouse is great!!
Nice rewards after two not so fun activities...