Monday, February 19, 2007

Presidents Day

Presidents Day was one of our favorite days when my kids were growing up. As I've said before, we were pretty poor so I had to find cheep things to do. Going to Poppy and Rene's camp was one or those things that we loved to do, even in winter!The first year I took peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and hot chocolate but we realized there was always wood on the porch so after that we took hot dogs and marshmallows and had a fire.
These snow men are supposed to be Poppy and Rene who were all warm in Florida for the winter.
We were lucky that Pres. Day always turned out to be a nice day. It didn't do any good to go inside because there was no heat, water or electric in the winter. We always ended the day with a walk in the woods.
These pictures came from a scrapbook my daughter made of her brothers life. I told her to just put in the original pictures because they would end up with them anyway. Now that I'm blogging I wish I had some of the pics. I borrowed my sons scrapbook to surprise Laurie but she posted about the same memories. I should have known she wouldn't let this day pass!
Jerzie pictures tomorrow.


Lee-ann said...

Jean, thank you firstly for your visit to my blog page I always have a big smile on my face to greet new visitors when they come.

I just loved this story of the presidents day your family tradition and the fact that it was the way it way back then not a lot of money to spare but a heck of a lot of love and fun! they are the best memories to have.

your blog page is so nice I am sure we will chat lots and lots more over the years in blogger land.........friends are made every day.

PEA said...

Such wonderful I told Laurie, makes you want to go back to these simpler days:-) Of course we don't celebrate Presidents Day here in Canada but I hope your day was a good one!! xox

Susie said...

I saw this on your daughter's site and thought it was a wonderful way to make family memories.