Wednesday, February 21, 2007

In the bag

We were challenged by Dawn to show what is inside our purses. I have slowly become pretty organized. All my little stuff is in something. My daughter made the date book and pen, gave me the credit card holder and the cute pad with a cover, all in my Christmas stocking this year.( She also gave me the felted purse, which I love!)
I had to go out in my back yard today Can you tell how deep the snow is? Up to my knees in some spots. I forgot to get the ice chopper out of the shed when I got out the snow thrower. I also had to shovel the snow off my hedge at the back of my lawn. Parts of it was laying on the ground from the snow. Hopefully it isn't broken and will stand up now that the weight is off.
It's sunny and 36 right now. Things are melting pretty fast but we're supposed to get more snow tomorrow.
I downloaded Jerzie's pictures in yesterdays post again so maybe they'll come up for you now.


Dawn said...

You are a good sport, Jean...thanks for playing along...
Love that purse, BTW.

Susie said...

I may do this one soon. Your bag looks quite organized!!
I can see your photos from yesterday now. Too cute!!

Carole Burant said...

Hmmmm I'll have to do this one'd be surprised at how much I can fit in one little purse! lol We're getting the snow now...first time it snows in about a month! I can see the pictures from yesterday now and Jerzie is just soooo adorable! xox

TJ said...

You and your neat and organized...if I showed mine you would think it was a garbage bin...I kid you not!!