Friday, January 05, 2007

Preacher boys

I thought I'd show you a couple more Sarah's Attic figurines. These are my preacher boys.
I just love all the details. The over sized jacket, rolled jeans and sneakers. My daughter especially likes the redheads because her husband is one. Gotta love those cheeks and ears! Can you just hear the "fire and brimstone" message? They are both preachin' right out of the Bible, no notes for them.
I really think I like my black kids more than the white kids. I definitely have more black ones. I have a couple more favorites I'll show another day.


Susie said...

Love the detailing in these!

Teeny Tiny cabin said...

They are charming!

PEA said...

Those are so delightful...had never even heard of them before! I can see why you love them so much, the detailing on them is exquisite! Finally catching up with everybody AGAIN! lol Will now read the rest of your posts that I missed!! xoxo