Monday, January 08, 2007


OK, it's a new year and I have to start working on these thighs! I've got my jogging suit and shoes on and I'm ready to go!
Gramma sure wishes she was as limber as Jerzie but I don't think I ever was! My daughter and I are going to try to walk 3 times a week. We can walk in our ice arena any time day or evening. They even put a special covering on the floor. I did walk almost 2 miles 5 days a week until I took on my second on my feet job. The hours at both jobs have leveled off a bit and I decided if I could put up and take down Christmas decorations in between jobs I should be able to walk. We'll see what happens! My doctor has really been on me about getting exercise. I like to use shoveling snow as a excuse but that won't work this year!


Susie said...

I notice that even while I'm feeling tired, my walking leaves me feeling a bit more energetic. We walk every day unless we have just pressing family things during the whole day..
Love those little Jerzee thighs!

PEA said...

LOL so adorable! Babies make it look so easy to excercise don't they?!! I use to walk all the time but the last few years I've stopped and I can really feel it, I don't have the energy I used to! I should really consider starting to walk again...that's wonderful that your local arena has put a special covering on the ice so people can use it to walk on! Hugs xox