Friday, December 01, 2006


Merry Christmas and welcome to my home. Sorry there is no snow but it is coming! I will be posting all things Christmas for the whole month so I hope you will stop by often!

I painted most of the wooden things you will see throughout this tour.This is to the right of the front door.

This nativity below is on the right side that juts out. This area used to be a porch but I had it turned into an entry and small bathroom with a shower. My bedroom is on the first floor but my only bathroom was on the second. Right now I don't need to use the upstairs but as soon as Jerzie Shea is old enough she will have a bedroom up there.

As you go down some gravel stairs on the right, to get to my beauty shop in the rear, this is what you will see.

This Santa is at least 40 years old. My stepfather won him in a raffle for 50 cents. He is about 5 feet tall and my arms barely go around him. His beard is spun fiberglass (angel hair) and his suit is fake velvet. He is really showing his age as he has been thru a fire and been attacked by mice. I have tried to clean him up but his suit is deteriorating and the "velvet" brushes off. I decided he just looks like he's been down a few chimneys! I just can't bear to part with him and the customers really like him. If you look from the street you can get a glimpse of him.

You can also see him out the kitchen window. The first thing my nieces and nephews do when they get here Christmas Eve is look for Santa.

That is the end of today's tour. I will let you into the house tomorrow.


Susie said...

I wouldn't part with that Santa either. He's full of charm! I'm going to be posting a pic with angel hair decorations. Those used to be used all the time!
Can't wait to peek inside :)

Carole Burant said...

I want to come to your house!!!! Oh my goodness, it's beautiful and all the decorations look wonderful! That Santa is something else...don't ever part with him, he is just precious!! xox