Monday, December 18, 2006

The End!

Jerzie and I wrapped presents today. She promised she wouldn't tell anyone what I got for them!This is the last day of my tour. This is the side entry and you're coming in from the kitchen. The candy cane is on the bathroom door. The door on the right is a bifold closet door.This little tree is a real favorite. I bought it at a craft show several years ago . It is made entirely of barb wire on a heavy iron frame. I added the rusty star, lights and a small strand of holly. I love it!
The large snowman on the right is on my ironing board. I had an ironing board in the kitchen wall but when I redid the kitchen it had to go. I loved it so much I had a small one put in this entry.
I change this little table often. I have a tin jelly cupboard that is in the other entry and a bench that I move around . I have so much furniture that the big stuff has to stay where it is and I have to change something when I get the urge.
This snowman gets to tell you "Bye, thanks for stopping! I hope you have enjoyed your tour. Have a Merry Christmas!"


Sue said...

You must have enjoyed your little wrapping helper. She almost looks like she's about to cry!
The tour of your home was such fun.
Thanks for sharing!!

Teeny Tiny cabin said...

Wow! Jean, this was so much fun! Your home is just a wonderful, festive delight! Every room too! I love all your snowmen !! Do you keep them around for the month of January? I always do. Your sweet little grand must be such a joy to you!

Barbara H. said...

I enjoyed perusing the pictures -- everything is just so nice!! I love all the little tress and the snowmen, and I so love the things you have painted! I want to learn to paint like that some day. Thanks so much for having us in your lovely home!

Mariah said...

I have SO enjoyed your tour! You have a beautiful home and your love for your home is evident in every picture. Thanks for sharing it. ~Mariah~

Naturegirl said...

Love the way your home is decorated for the holidays! Lots of love went into your effort to create a warm and inviting spirit!
~*I love that iron tree!!*~
~*Merry Christmas*~ to you and your lovely family!

Dawn said...

Thanks for showing us everything, Jean...
J Shea is by far the sweetest addition to your decorations!