Thursday, November 09, 2006

Tree trimming

This spring I noticed that these

Were marching in a nice straight line from here

To here

I put some carpenter ant poison on the tree and the foundation and called the city to see what to do. Luckily, if a tree is between the sidewalk and road it belongs to the city and they will take care of it. They sent an arborist to look at the tree. He said that this branch was diseased.
Finally this week they came to take care of it. As I've said before, I do love the trees in front of my house and don't want to loose them. The city feels the same way so they just cut off the bad limb, which you can see extends to my house.

Can you see the guy way up in the tree?

You can see in this pic how large the limb was. I was nervous when the wind blew all summer so I'm very happy to have it done. Everything is cleaned up and you'd never know they were here except for the holes in the lawn from the pieces of limb falling. That's a small price to pay!

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cityfarmer said...

We have this daunting task facing us right now....gotta love those brick pavers.