Saturday, November 25, 2006

Random stuff

My daughter gave me these on Thanksgiving. I really love orange. Back in the day I had a lot of orange in my house. I remember having to change my orange curtains when I had the house painted dark blue and mauve. I went out front to see how all the colors looked and all I could see were those orange curtains! Sorry I guess I got on a tangent there!

I had Jerzie over night Thursday. Her Daddy wanted to hunt and her Mommy went shopping at 3:3o AM. She offered to bring her over then but I said no thanks! I was slow in the shop so she was at work with me for a couple hours. The customers were happy to see her in person. Believe me when I say they have seen a lot of pictures!
I got started on some decorating in the afternoon. The Christmas dishes are now in the china closet. I did the out door stuff today after work. Can't remember ever doing it when it was this nice. It was 60 and sunny here today. I usually wait until the worst day of the season! Tomorrow I'll really get busy and by the time I go to work at night I should have a real mess going on! No pictures until the 1st of Dec tho. You'll just have to wait!


Susie said...

It's going to take me a while to get all my decorating done too! That should happen this week!

Carole Burant said...

Beautiful flowers!! When we moved into this house 28 years ago the whole kitchen was done up in oranges and browns...that seemed to be the "fad" during the 1970's! lol