Tuesday, November 28, 2006


They finally got here to pick up our leaves. This is how they are collected in this tree city. The two guys are pushing huge blowers. If I had one of those I probably could blow the leaves up hill!

They really make a mess of the terrace when they do this but it basically belongs to the city so you can't complain.

They use the street clearer to help blow the leaves. After they are all done the street cleaner comes by again to clean up whatever is left.

I'm not sure how many men are involved but there are at least 6 in this pic.

These two have really be in sync. See the leaves in the middle of the machine. I sure couldn't do that job. I'm not very good at backing up!

I sure does look messy with all those leaves around. Thank goodness they are gone!


Carole Burant said...

Wow, I can't get over all the leaves and how the city cleans them! Are you responsible to pick the leaves up in your own yard though?

Rachel said...

That is a lot of leaves!! I blew and raked leaves today helping my neighbor. What a chore! Not my favorite thing to do.

Great that the city cleans them up like that, but I was wondering also about what Pea asked?

Susie said...

Looks like your city has a good system. Our street sweeper comes by once a month. He will take the leaves you've raked into the gutter that day. Next day they're back!

Jean said...

To answer you question Pea and Rachel, Yes we have to get them to the street by the time they come to pick them up. We only know what day they start on our side of town. If possible they may come back but it usually snows before they can. I've written a couple of posts about my leaves!