Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Halloween Memories

When I had a larger beauty shop with an employee, we used to have a party on Halloween. We had cider and donuts and would always dress up.These are some of the outfits I wore(I'm on the left in the top two).

One of my favorite memories was of Mrs. VanNorman. She was in her 80's and getting her hair done was her only "extravagence". Her husband had died leaving her with 2 boys to raise alone and it had been a struggle but she never complained. In fact, she was always upbeat, telling funny stories about her "senior moments" and laughing at herself.
One Halloween she dressed up and showed up at the shop (it wasn't her normal day). She had dressed up like an old lady! She had an old pair of rhinestone cat eye glasses and rubber boots (so I wouldn't recognize her shoes) She had found a hat, long coat, gloves and a purse that she had used about 20 years earlier. The only thing she couldn't hide were her twinkling eyes and silly grin. We laughed for years about that Halloween and it is still one of my favorite stories. She passed away a few years later but she is one customer that I will never forget!


Laurie said...

Mom ~ You forgot to add how you loved to take us kids to school that day to see how many of our friends would see you dressed up. You laughed at us kids when we didn't want a ride. We always took the ride though.

Dawn said...

What a HOOT!!!

cityfarmer said...

We are all just kids at heart