Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Birthday memories...

This is another of my favorite photos.These beautiful ladies are my grandmother and her sisters. I don't know the year of this picture but would guess they are in their early twenties. From left to right they are Florence Ester (1895), Cecelia Mae (1898), Irene Elizabeth (1899) and my grandma, Hazel Henrietta (1900). Grandma was born on October 3rd and lived on her own until a couple months before she passed away at 94. I believe my daughter and I got our love of the fall from her. I have a lot of great memories but I think my kids remember playing cards with her the most. She loved a good card game right to the end. How blessed I am to have had a grandmother for such a large part of my life.

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Rachel said...

Thanks for coming by my blog...I like this photograph of your grandma and her sisters. Most vintage photos don't give you much info on personality (way too serious), but this one is fun. :o)
THanks for sharing.